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sobe - ECCENTRICITY [Album]

Emerging artist sobe drops electrifying debut album ECCENTRICITY

ECCENTRICITY is the creation of up and coming artist sobe with production and features from mastr_g, haskillsdream &

SMAVS. Together they forged a genre bending dream pop/ R&B experience that truly lives up to its name.

Our journey begins with the atmospheric “INTRO” (FEAT. HASKILL’S DREAM) setting an ethereal tone that melts into one of our favorite tracks “COUPE” (FEAT. mastr_g). A great example of the album's versatility, contrasting a hip hop influenced rhythm with electro pop vocals.

On the comedown, “THINK ABOUT US” floats into a hopelessly romantic love wave, but only shortly. We’re quickly blasted back into an irresistible groove on “DOWN AT THE DISCO”.

The lonely hearts anthem “WHO NEEDS A LOVE” continues the ebb and flow, lulling us into a smooth, groovy tune. Booty bouncer “VENUS LINE (INTERLUDE)” jolts us back to life, shifting the sound but maintaining an energetic tone that continues through two more of our favorite tracks “STAYSAFELUV” and “SWEETNKIND” (FEAT. SMAVS).

The last song before the outro “BLUE” (#9ECBFE) stands apart from the rest of the project. This emotionally relatable R&B track encapsulates the passion and frustration of young love.

ECCENTRICITY is difficult to capture in words. The bass lines are phat, percussion on point and the musical & lyrical themes are strong and dynamic, . This album is packed with unforgettable hits, vibes for days and extremely talented and collaborative artists.

Our favorite tracks were "STAYSAFELUV", "SWEETNKIND" & "COUPE"

Check out the project below!

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sobe - ECCENTRICITY [Album]


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