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PAYCHECK 500 - Fuckyoutoo [prod. basedtj]

Louisiana artist Paycheck 500 releases new track titled "Fuckyoutoo".

Paycheck 500 is back on our pages with an effortless banger; venting about the daily life obstacles and fakery he went through where he's from or even the industry. The track initially reeled us in with the production from Basedtj, specifically the dynamics of the mysterious synths in the beginning, but once the bass drops and Paycheck says the hook in that catchy tone, it's a wrap from there. Check it out for yourself!

He recently released a couple tracks within the past month and they're all a solid! It just so happened that this is the first track we clicked up with.

Check out the track below!

Social Media:

Instagram: @Paycheck 500 | @bbasedtj

PAYCHECK 500 - Fuckyoutoo [prod. basedtj]



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