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FH Javi - Jacksons (Prod. @vukola)

PA artist FH Javii drops new video for his single "Jacksons".

Just 4 days go, FH Javi released a visual for his single "Jacksons" and it's a real vibe. Produced by Vukol, a 17 years old producer and guitar player from Belgrade, Serbia, the beat uses a soft guitar and simple percussions to create a feeling of nostalgia. FH Javi uses this to his advantage and vents throughout the track. Rapping about his trials and tribulations with a past relationship while trying to focus on "Jacksons", the sincerity in his voice is evident. Directed by @officialexclusivehd, the visual gives us a glimpse into Javi and his crew's energy as they turn up to the new track. Be sure to check it out below!

Social Media:

Artist: @fhjaviii Producer: @vukola Engineer: @reeonthebeat Director: @officialexclusivehd

FH Javi - Jacksons

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