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Al-Tarik - Active

PA artist Al-Tarik releases new single titled "Active".

We’ve known about Al-Tarik for quite some time now and can honestly say that quality music is never an issue with him; and his new track "Active" is proof. Produced by blvcksmithmusic, the beat uses twinkling bells and dark keys to create a mysterious atmosphere while the kick, hi hat, and snare bring the attitude that Al-Tarik tunes into for his delivery. Rapping on the hook "I don’t really need no more distractions, I can’t let them get the satisfaction", Al-Tarik lets it be known throughout the track that he’s in a new a headspace.

One thing that we loved about "Active" is how the track is primarily rap/hip-hop but the hook delivers a subtle hint of pop.

Mixed/Mastered by Colin McCabe

Social Media: Twitter: @itsastyles Instagram: itsastyles

Al-Tarik - Active


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