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Iamsavon - UNO!

Rapper/producer Iamsavon is on the rise.

Back on our pages with one of his older track "UNO!", Iamsavon is applying pressure. Released about 8 months ago, the track is still heat; catching out attention within the first couple seconds. Reaching 27,000 plays and about 400 likes on the streaming platform Soundcloud, its clear that "UNO!" is one of his popular tacks. Throughout the track, Iamsavon drops aggressive bars expressing his can't be last mentality; hinting at the title "UNO!". Even though we're a bit late on being hip to the track, it definitely deserves a spot on our pages.

His latest track "LAW" is fire too! Be sure to check that out here!

Check it out below!

Iamsavon - UNO!


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