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B7ess222bealive! - STMS

Rapper B7ess222bealive!'s recent single "STMS" is a banger.

Debuting on our pages for the first time, B7ess222bealive! is here with his dope single "STMS ! (Sick to my stomach)". We stumbled upon his track while finding some new music on SoundCloud. Initially, the beat is what pulled us in. Although shortly after, B7ess222bealive proved to be what gave this song it’s umpth. Delivering swift and melodic bars, you may not be able to grasp everything he says at first but you'll definitely be nodding your head to his delivery. "STMS" is a straight vibe, you'll have to play this one back to back.

Check out the track below!

Social Media: b7ess222bealiv3

Soundcloud: b7ess222bealive

B7ess222bealive! - STMS


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