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FINESSE. - Just Another Thot (Prod. by FINESSE.)

FINESSE. releases a catchy new single titled "Just Another Thot".

We recently came across FINESSE. while going through our daily social media run. Hearing just a few seconds of "Just Another Thot" from our Instagram feed, it caught our attention enough to have us check out the rest of the song; and it turned out to be the right decision. The track has is a straight banger with it's lullaby like delivery and melodic uptempo beat. You'll definitely catch yourself randomly singing the hook throughout the day. FINESSE. mixes and produces his own music so it's safe to say you're getting a unique experience.

Check out the track below!

FINESSE. - Just Another Thot (Prod. by FINESSE.)

FINESSE. - Just Another Thot (Slowed)


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