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MEET THE LEGEND: Noah Villamar

Photographer Noah Villamar's vibrant portraits

We recently came across young photographer Noah Villamar and fell in love with his whimsical edits and professional quality. He shared with us the interesting story of how he stumbled into photgraphy, and how it's changed his life in the process.

Funnily enough, Noah's dream wasn't always to be a photographer, he explained, "I started to take pictures back in the summer of 2016, at the time I was trying the whole talent agency thing by finding models paid gigs, brand deals etc. During the process of that some of the talents didn't have a portfolio yet so we got a photographer to do their portfolio and we broke it up into 3 shoots. The first 2 shoots went smooth but I was getting kinda tired of always relying on the photographer for the pictures and edits so I decided to get a camera myself to cut out the middle person and do everything in house."

"As I started taking pictures little by little I started to figure out that hey, I can actually make a living off this and people say that I take good pictures so why not run with it and see where this will take me."

Since starting as a photographer, Noah has assembled a specific look for his work that is unparalleled, "A lot of people say that my style is more so on the edgy side, but I like to say I adopted a lot of my style from tumblr back in the day when it was poppin! Not many people were really on tumblr like that back in 2012 - 2015 ish. If you notice in my pictures a lot of the vibes really feels like you are on tumblr."

"My technique now is to truly express drugs, emotions, and passion through my photos. Within the past few months I feel like I finally discovered my true 'Style' of edits and themes."

"Right now besides photography I have always had such love for High end fashion and streetwear fashion. I am currently working on designs for my clothing company that I will be launching in the near future. Hopefully should be launched within the next 6 months to a year. The company is called "WorldWide Innovative People".

Noah went on to tell us a bit about who inspires him on an artistic level, "Other creatives and or artist really give me all my inspiration. I look up to a lot of artist ranging from A$AP Bari (Fashion Designer for Vlone) , Gabriel Perez Silva , Xavier and many more."

"Seeing other artist making bigger moves each and every year drives me. It's reassuring to see artist winning out here cause for whatever reason not many folks actually support one another so I am definitely trying to make a change in that."

We agree, and are excited to keep up with Noah on his creative journey!

Check out more of his work and follow below!

Instagram: _shotbynoah

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