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Shunie - No Hook (single)

Shunie with hard hitting banger "No Hook"

We recently heard Shunie's latest banger "No Hook" and were intrigued by it's contagious energy. The beat is simple, hard hitting & bass heavy and really provides the vibes for the track. Shunie matches the beat with his momentous flow and belligerent lyrics.

Shunie revealed, “This was one of the easiest songs I’ve made in a long time. It really didn’t take that much thought creating it. I was in the studio kicking it with two of my friends, and we were just free-styling over the beat, and that’s exactly what I did, free-styled. I went inside the booth with no pad, or a pencil. I was punching in on the beat the whole time. Finished the song in 10 minutes. It was easy and fun."

Check it out below!

Soundcloud: Shunie

Shunie - No Hook


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