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NoelXTL - Don't Forget The Fallen Soldier (EP)

Emerging artist NoelXTL is here with a highly personal EP titled Don't Forget The Fallen Soldier.

PA native NoelXTL is here for the first time on our pages and it's well deserved. Bringing a his own style and sound, NoelXTL is definitely an artist to watch on his creative journey. His new EP Don’t Forget The Fallen Soldier is truly one of a kind. Consisting of dark yet uplifting vibes, you're either going to love it or hate it. The use of electronic instruments with his effortlessly soft vocals and relatable lyrics create a nostalgic sound that's hard to come by.

Don’t Forget The Fallen Soldier is based off of life being too short and meant to send my respect to a lost friend who made an impact on this world and in my life. I needed a way to bring on a image to my listeners so I started off by reminiscing about: past relationships, addictions, friends, and family that I unfortunately lost; wishing there was something I can do to fix it all. In the long run, I had to open my eyes and realize that life comes to an end; but going through it alone wasn’t easy. My only solution was to surround myself with the right crowd. Don’t let your past define who you are in the future."

Our favorite tracks were "SWEETENED TEA" & "ADDICT"

Stream the project below!

Twitter: @Noel__Music

Soundcloud: noelxtl

Noel - Don't Forget The Fallen Soldier (EP)


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