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SuperSmashBroz - Trophy feat. Dutchboy (prod. SuperSmashBroz x Maka)

Boston DJ duo SuperSmashBroz drop energetic single "Trophy" feat. Dutchboy (prod. SuperSmashBroz x Maka)

As dedicated ambassadors for Boston’s budding music scene, brotherly DJ duo, the SuperSmashBroz, are determined to shine a light on their hometown’s comprehensive network of talent. In the past, they’ve connected dots and fostered artistic relationships in Massachusetts with projects such as their debut compilation mixtape, Family Cookout. Additionally, with their Get Your Vibes Right mixes, the SuperSmashBroz have become trusted tastemakers, dead-set on sharing the industry’s soon-to-be stars with each new edition of the mix series.

Latest single “Trophy” featuring Dutchboy and produced by SmashBroz and fellow MA native Maka, finds its energy in the form of sparkling production and hypnotic cadences. Dutchboy’s vocals glide over the energetic production with ease, and the result is a soundtrack to all of your upcoming functions.

As for the future, this track is meant to act as a precursor for more consistent releases to come for the SuperSmashBroz. They’re back and ready to impress, so be sure to keep an eye out for more as the Boston-based duo kicks off their 2019 on a high note.

written by: SuperSmashBroz

Check out the video below!

Soundcloud: SuperSmashBroz

SuperSmashBroz - Trophy feat. Dutchboy (prod. SuperSmashBroz x Maka)


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