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Bethlehem self taught artist Amelia Sivick's emotionally charged expressions

Lehigh Valley visual artist Amelia Sivick sheds some light on her work and herself

It never ceases to amaze us how many incredibly talented young artists dwell in the Lehigh Valley area, and 19 year old Amelia Sivick is no exception. With her deconstructed style and somber use of color, she communicates on paper what cannot be expressed through language. Dabbling in a variety of techniques, Amelia has managed to develop a modus operandi that is uniquely hers.

Who’s listening

6x5 in chalk and Graphite on gray paper

Born & raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Amelia is a self taught artist whose “body of work is developing and improving through every opportunity.” Beginning at the age of 13 years old she, “became infatuated with the freedom to create personal worlds through art.”

At first interested in anime and manga, she moved into the field of tattoo style pieces, and is now an impressionistic artist, creating portraits, landscapes, and abstract works. Her mediums of choice range from ,"acrylic paint, graphite, colored pencils, sculpting, and even crayons."

Reflection (cropped)

7x4 in ink on illustration board

“Emotions are as real as our own two hands. To take those two hands and create tangible emotion, that is what I do.”

“My artwork creates a large space for viewers personal and creative interpretations, aiming to portray strong emotions through techniques, colors, and subjects. Often referencing nature and humanity my work explores the diversity, complexity, and sincerity of raw human emotion.”


7x5 in Graphite

“Having expressive subjects explores the relationship between physicality, the imagination, perception, and consciousness. While I use a variety of mediums and processes in each piece, my methodology remains constant. Determining what materials to use and the subject matter both play a role in creating a space for interest and thoughts, while demonstrating natural emotions. During the experience of everyday life, new curiosities of transforming mentalities and emotions into physical art arise, leading to the next body of work.”


4x3 in colored pencil

“My main inspirations are Picasso (during the blue period) due to how strongly the emotions were portrayed, my own life, other’s lives, human emotions, and philosophy.”

For the plants

9x3 feet acrylic on plywood

Along with being an artist, Amelia has taken interest in the history behind art, visiting local galleries, and supporting local artists. Being only 19 years old, she aims to “pursue and maintain artistic ambitions throughout my life.”

Check out more of their art and follow below!

Instagram: mo.nch.ld_art

Facebook: Amelia Art


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