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ezzyℒand - The Peach Disc (Album)

Producer and creative ezzyℒand drops futuristic concept album The Peach Disc

Long time creative & producer ezzyland recently made us aware of his latest album The Peach Disc, and so we decided to share the experience. Ezzyland tells a poignant narrative of a dystopian future in which human's communication and attention spans are critically impaired, through the medium of sound.

He tells us in the description, "The album is based off the concept of The Golden Records installed aboard The Voyager Spacecraft." ("The Voyager Golden Records are two phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977." Wikipedia)

He went on to explain in further detail, "The year is 3038 and humans have alienated themselves to the point where their only interactions are through the cosmic wide web while glued to their personalized workstations. Spending our lives doing what we've always wanted to do from the dawn of civilization - poorly express ourselves, eat fruit and fuck."

Just under 20 minutes, ezzyland stated, "This album is the LP of the weekend for our ever diminishing attention span."

While his description is a little gloomy, the album isn't dark or dreary at all, (though a few tracks have a darker feel). On the contrary, The Peach Disc is actually a mostly upbeat, feel good album, that's beautifully constructed and showcases a variety of emotions and states of being.

A completely solo piece, ezzyland was/is responsible for every aspect of The Peach Disc, down to the artwork. We feel this experimentally atmospheric collection is definitely worth a listen and think you will too!

Check out the project below!

Social Media: @ezzyland trap_machi

Soundcloud: ezzyℒand

ezzyℒand - The Peach Disc (Album)


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