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Paxquiao Ft. Derez Deshon - Ride 2 Getha (Video)

Upcoming artist Paxquiao with visual for "Ride 2 Getha" featuring Derez Deshon

Paxquiao's music career is just starting and he hopes it will be long & stable, and with the way “Ride 2 Getha” (ft. Derez DeShon) is buzzing in the competitive Atlanta nightclub music scene, he’s definitely on his way.

"Ride 2 Getha" is a direct reflection of the vibes and energy he was feeding off of during a particular hard time for both him and one of his closest friends.

He wanted to let his friend know that he was going to be there for him to the death and all he expected in return was that same love and loyalty. They wouldn’t have to worry about the haters and the naysayers because they were going to ride together. Life puts you on an emotional roller coaster and his music takes you on that journey. It’s something that everyone can relate to no matter where they are in their respective lives.

written by: Diana Schweinbeck

Check out the video below!

Social Media: @paxquiao700 paxquiao

@DerezDeShon derezdeshon

@IceStarrBeats icestarrbeatz

Soundcloud: Paxquiao

Derez De'Shon

Paxquiao Ft. Derez Deshon - Ride 2 Getha (Video)


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