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Leo IV feat. pablø - "N.V.M." (video)

Canadian artists Leo IV and pablø recently released visual "N.V.M."

Leo IV & pablø recently released a dreamy visual for single "N.V.M.", with it's vibrant colors and mesmerizing lights, the video compliments the track perfectly.

"N.V.M." begins with a soft marimba sounding loop, that sets an enchanted tone off the jump. Leading into the drop, Leo comes on, adding a rock star quality to the track. Something about Leo's harmonies and the slight distortion in certain sections are reminiscent of alternative pop-rock. Pablø comes on, bringing a more R&B feel, with his smooth vocals & melody choice. Together, they create an unparalleled sound that we can vibe with, and we look forward to their upcoming projects!

Check out the track below!

Social Media: leoiiivvv

Soundcloud: leo iv

Leo IV feat. pablø - N.V.M.


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