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Peanut’s private art show (at 2nd Base Vintage)

October 29, 2018

Visual artist Peanut puts on a successful art showcase at 2nd Base Vintage, Easton, PA

damn.t_otb, therealethanross, feddivvs, Shecallsmefabo, jus_get_to_it / photo by: _parkervision



Over this past weekend (10/26/18) PA visual artist Peanut (check out his Q&A here) threw one for the culture. Lehigh Valley’s fashionably nostalgic consignment shop 2nd Base Vintage, located in Easton, PA, made the perfect venue for such a genuine experience.


With their youthful aesthetic and one of a kind clothing, 2nd base has built quite the reputation holding various events for the local creative community.


We arrived to an already buzzing scene and a small crowd waiting to be let inside. Walking in, the welcoming atmosphere could be felt right away, aided by the familiar sounds of MF DOOM, Wu-Tang Clan and more (provided by DJs kindaquentin & griffin_zignoli). An art display featuring Peanut's work, a blank canvas, and pizza filled one section of the room; where guests could admire his work, participate in one of his pieces and enjoy a slice.


Primeallah / photo by: romev81000

The highly anticipated performances started up around 8:30, hosted by wavychrisdavy (creator of podcast WAVECOMPLETED), who introduced each performance in a hilariously sarcastic fashion.  Showcasing a handful the Valley's talented creatives (as well as some talent from out of state), performances ranged from spoken word, by Society's Poets PrimeallahSir_Groove_, reciting a few personal pieces. To rap & hip hop, with artists such as drippyinthecut, dxxmofsmllwrld , Shecallsmefabo, feddivvs (+ many more linked below). To r&b and pop, with vocalists lyss_rosgxby18, performing beautiful covers and original songs. Altogether demonstrating the diversity of gifted individuals from near and far. 


Performances ended around 10pm as guests & artists mingled, taking in the last moments of the lively occasion, checking out the merchandise and reviewing the night's unfoldment.               



Peanut did his thing with this event, gathering a decent crowd and assembling an impressive roster. We love seeing the creative community come together and support each other, and that's exactly what was accomplished on Friday evening. We look forward to future events and continuing to support artists of all expressions. 


Check out more pictures of the event and follow the artists below!



Social Media (Instagram & Twitter)




peanueti  @peannuuutttttt

wavychrisdavy  (wavecompleted)  @wavychrisdavy



Primeallah  @PrimeAllah

drippyinthecut  @drippyinthecut

Shecallsmefabo  @shecallsmefabo


feddivvs  @feddinowap

jus_get_to_it  @hollyhood_jus​

gxby18  @gxby18

dxxmofsmllwrld  @DxxMofSMLLWRLD

Smllsoldier  @BlessedUpSean

damn.t_otb  @Damn_Totb


lyss_ros  @lyss_ros

Sir_Groove_  @sir_groove_




DJs & Photographers

kindaquentin  @kindaquentin

griffin_zignoli  @GriffinZignoli

_parkervision  @ParkerVision_





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