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19 year old visual artist Peanut's abstract expressions

October 1, 2018

Visual artist and creative Peanut communicates through the canvas


Artist and Jersey native Peanut has a vivid and distinct style that can’t be fully explained through language. Luckily for us he shared his art and little insight on when he got started, and what he intends to convey through his work.


internal emotion safeguard


 Like many artist’s stories, Peanut discovered and pursued art, “ever since I was little.”  As far as inspiration goes, this self taught artist revealed, “I get inspiration from my life and everything I see in the present and past.” 

wfp f18


Though he dabbles in different styles and mediums, there is a sense of intention felt in each piece. A clear idea being communicated through the canvas. Spiritual and psychological themes run throughout his expressions; vivid hues in contrast with dark shadows along with his abstract surreal style help convey these (themes).


light source


As with everything, how and what you interpret is a reflection of yourself, Peanut explains, “I honestly make art for people to actually look at, art that makes you think, and touches your soul in a way that makes you realize and self evaluate.” Art like this can be understood in many different ways, which allows it to reach and speak to more people.

Peanut went on to say, “It gives you a sense of comfort within, like a home kind of feeling when it does (touch your soul)”




Along with his solo work Peanut has done cover art for artists such as willsteezalot, Dylan Tran, feddivvs and Sid Shyne

We love when creatives of all kinds work together and are looking forward to seeing what he has in store.


Check out more of their art and follow below!


Twitter: @peannuuutttttt


Instagram: peanueti





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