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Visual artist and all around creative Akintomide Aluko shares his figurative impressions

Creative Akintomide Aluko captures emotion in every stroke of his impressions

Akintomide Aluko is a multifaceted creative who specializes in drawing, painting and film making. “I hold a degree in Fine and Applied Art from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria and a diploma in film making, Lagos, Nigeria”.

'Young again'

“I am a figurative impressionist,” Aluko explained, “my works exhibits rapid strokes and cinematic lighting to evoke drama and emotions.”

“As a storyteller, my works address the past and present, preserving memories by telling old stories anew. I intend to be consistent in experience as my style is subjected to change.”

'Betrothal I'

When asked about how he brings his pieces to life, Akintomide revealed, “I work with several mediums, but mostly charcoals and pastels.” He went on to say, “I am always intrigued by the rich dark tones it produces with a contrast. The reversibility of the medium allows flexibility and spontaneity.”

“I find it easy to adapt to my style 'Impressionism' which is an art of immediacy and movement of candid poses and compositions, play of light expressed in a bright and varied use of color. I use it charcoal and pastel concurrently to give a feel of painting, using rapid strokes of colors suggestively to convey my feelings and state of mind.”


It seems art has always been apart of Akintomide Aluko's life, "Drawing is one of my keenest pleasures." he added, "I took it seriously when I found myself in an art department with no prior knowledge or background, and a lot depended on it. I have been in pursuit of knowledge in the field"

'Strength in Despair'

Aluko finds inspiration everywhere, but told us, "Nature amidst every other things fascinates me a lot more, the fall of a natural/practical on a subject, expressive heads, societal issues etc." which is very clear when observing his work.

Akintomide Aluko is a very talented and qualified artist who we are looking forward to watching progress further in all his creative endeavors!

Check out more of their art and follow below!

Twitter: @akin_aluko

Instagram: akin_aluko


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