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Visual artist Marley gives some insight on her surreal abstractions

19 year old DMV visual artist Marley explains the motivations techniques behind her work


Marley, a 19 year old visual artist raised in the DMV, has had an eye for art since a young age. “I’ve always liked art, when I was younger my dad would teach me how to draw simple things, because he was an architect. He's the one who I remember got me interested in drawing in some sort of way. My parents really were very supportive from the start which made me a better artist.” she recalled.


It wasn’t until Marley got older when she realized she was truly gifted, “I didn’t start really getting into drawing until high school. In my art classes I was always drawing more complex things than my peers, and that’s how I dove into more abstract concepts.”


She describes her style as using, “fragmentation, line, color, and repetition” to “express every emotion that comes between the period of life and death.”


“The various mediums I use include pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. I also experiment sometimes with fabric and thread in my work. My style is mostly abstract surrealism. I take things from reality and morph them into the way I perceive them while using vibrant color schemes.”

'Alter Ego'

“What I love about the steps in creating a piece is I don’t always know where it might end up and that’s what is so fulfilling about the process. Art is whatever I make it and it's one of the parts of my life where I have complete control. I make whatever I want and don’t care what other people have to say because there are no rules to art and no limits to my creative mind.” We love that mindset and that creative freedom is very clearly expressed through her masterpieces.

Check out more of her work and follow below!

Twitter: @tuesday_14

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