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Visual artist Tiara Kinnebrew's mind bending art work

19 year old visual artist Tiara Kinnebrew sheds light on her creative process and inspirations

19 year old visual artist Tiara Kinnebrew’s has perfected the art of channeling emotions into her work. The incredibly detailed pieces are perfectly layered to reach an aesthetic unmatched by other creatives. Each evoke an enchanted energy, and keep you hooked with their sheer beauty. We were fortunate enough to pick Tiara’s brain, and find out more about what makes her tick.


“I’m a sophomore at Texas A&M University at College Station. As a surprise to many, I’m not an art major—I’m an Allied Health major, and I often find myself subconsciously using my knowledge of nature, human science, and the world to fuel my ideas for my compositions. Doing art however, has been my favorite hobby, emotional outlet, and my most influential contribution to society for as far back as I can remember!”

'Grey Matter'

Like many artists, Tiara discovered her knack for creating at a young age, “The earliest I can recall drawing is the age of four. I first began creating comics without weird humanoid creatures, then I formed this planet full of characters I thought of. This planet had 8 different continents, each with a differing theme (i.e. dogs, pastries and cupcakes, marketing), and I accumulated progress over the three years of middle school with 11 full sketchbooks. Through high school, I began focusing more on anatomy and portraiture, which is where I currently am (along with abstract painting).”


When asked about her inspirations, Tiara explained, “I don’t really have any inspiration for my art apart from my emotions and late-night thoughts. Literally everything I’ve ever created has come from thoughts varying of, “what if this looked like that,” and “I need to talk about this feeling but I can’t, so I’ll let my hands show the world.”

'A Hand in the Matter'

Interested in how she creates her masterpieces we asked what her mediums of choice are, “For my drawings, I use Crayola colored pencil and ink (Copic multiliner and Sakura Pigma pens), and sometimes I’ll add little elements or enhancements using the iOS art app, Procreate. For my paintings, I use regular acrylic paint and, if not my fingers, a palette knife and one small paintbrush.”

'Drama Queen'

“I like to think of my style as pretty laid back. I rarely make things in my art seem blatant—I like to let people interpret my art in their own way. Generally, I incorporate a lot of nature and yoga themes in my drawings, and my paintings more so express human emotions or human connection to Mother Earth in an abstract way."

Check out more of his work and follow below!

Instagram: kinnewhat

Twitter: @kinnewhat

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