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UK creative Ololade Sonupe uses photography to better her community

London photographer Ololade Sonupe is using her gift to change how the world views the black community

Female creative Ololade Sonupe is changing the game, altering the world’s perception of the black community through her photography. Ololade has always been an artist of sorts, and found her talent for photography during a less than pleasant time in her life. “I started photography due to my own personal frustrations, I have always been involved in some sort of creative project, whether it were script writing, poetry, art, or drama.” she went on to say, “Starting university brought my creativity to a massive pause, and I felt limited to the ideas in my head that I said I would create but never did. So after realizing how much I had abandoned I decided to get into photography as an attempt to pick up various creative forms. I’ve always struggle to stick to one thing, I don’t believe in limiting oneself.” And thank goodness she did!

“My work revolves around colours and ‘soft’ poses, I want to make my subjects look beautiful, especially my black subjects, because they haven’t been made to feel that way throughout history.” Something she does a beautiful job of, “One thing I want for people to understand is that all humans belong to the world, so to be in a world