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23 year old artist Savia explores femininity through her illustrations

Atlanta GA artist Savia's celebrations of the feminine


Savia Payne, a 23 year old artist based out of Atlanta, GA, explores femininity through her drawings. From portrait to full body, Savia has mastered the female form. “I love drawing women, my muses are almost always female, (especially) strong and unique women, boss women that can take on the world and are the world.”

'Sometimes we aren’t meant to be free'

Each piece evokes strong emotional responses, ranging from playful and flirty to more somber and serious vibes. Using vivid colors and various tones, Savia adds a certain depth that breathes life into her illustrations. Combining an array of elements in her portraits (such as nature) Savia creates an unparalleled surreal and whimsical aesthetic.


As far as inspirations go, Savia explained, “I typically find my inspiration to create everywhere! I always try to keep myself fluid with whatever I can. It could be nature one day and something as random and food the next. I feel like if I can draw inspiration from ANYTHING I can keep diversity in my art.”


“I don't know where my passion for art will take me but I’m VERY excited for the ride!” And we're excited to watch her continue to grow as a person and artist!


Check out more of her work and follow below!

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