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whyfye - All the Sinners Crawl (EP)

Texan rapper whyfye drops debut EP 'All the Sinners Crawl'

Texas artist Whyfye has been consistently dropping music for some time now and just recently released solo project 'All the Sinners Crawl'. The 7 track EP showcases some great production by fish, MikeBlisscw, fanguin, and Zen Beats. The project has a real fun, care-free vibe, expressed through the spacey beats and easy going delivery by Whyfye himself. Overall, an impressive EP with some quality producers!

Our favorite track is 'mad at me' [prod.fanguin]

Check out the rest of the project and artists below!

Twitter: @ilyWhyfye

Soundcloud: ᵂʰʸᶠʸᵉ

whyfye - All the Sinners Crawl (EP)


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