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PAYCHECK - Bobain [prod. basedtj]

Louisiana rapper PAYCHECK brings celestial vibes with single 'Bobain' [prod. basedtj]

Louisianan artist PAYCHECK (lil paycheck) only recently started dropping music (according to his soundcloud), but has rapidly gained a buzz. PAYCHECK's care-free sound matches his amusing aesthetic and has helped set him apart from other emerging artists. Latest release 'Bobain' (prod. bbasedtj) is one of his best tracks yet. The dreamy production (by bbasedtj) is a whole vibe, an 80's pop tune gone trap. PAYCHECK does the instrumental justice with his melodic hook and verses, that I guarantee will be stuck in your head. Definitely an artist, producer and track to check out!

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @lilcheck500

Soundcloud: PAYCHECK

PAYCHECK - Bobain [prod. basedtj]


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