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La Soülchyld - Amasimbi 魂 (EP)

La Soülchyld's latest EP Amasimbi 魂 is beautifully genre defying

I recently stumbled across La Soülchyld on Soundcloud and my ears couldn't be happier. With an eclectic collection of mixes, there's a little something for everybody on his page. His most recent EP Amasimbi 魂 features four genre defying, attention demanding joints. Mixing what sounds like classic Afrobeat and other styles, with a modern twist, Soülchyld created an instant classic. My favorite track "Mangada 魂" reels you in with a pulsing, hypnotic percussion, and a beautifully haunting guitar riff followed by a bouncy hard hitting bass and bright vocal melody, all coming together to make a truly magnificent piece.

Check out the tracks below!

Twitter: @lasoulchyld

Soundcloud: La Soülchyld 魂

La Soülchyld - Amasimbi 魂 (EP)


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