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OluwaBawa & MoyoFuga - Lose Guard [+Efe Jazz]

OluwaBawa & MoyoFuga with smooth Afro fusion joint 'Lose Guard [+Efe Jazz]'

Music group DISTRICT recently dropped smooth single 'Lose Guard [+Efe Jazz]' and it's a whole vibe. The track has an intoxicating instrumental, with a fire afro beat rhythm by Tomisinwtheheat. Artists Oluwa Bawa and  Moyo Fuga come on with some graceful melodies on the hook and verses that will have you grooving for sure. Perfect for any summer day!

Art by: @BolajiFuga

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @OluwaBawa





Soundcloud: OluwaBawa


Efe Jazz



OluwaBawa & MoyoFuga - Lose Guard [+Efe Jazz]


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