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Happy Hour - Odunsi ft. Økuntakinte (RVDICAL THE KID Remix)

Odunsi's 'Happy Hour' ft. Økuntakinte and RADIVAL THE KID's genre fusing remix

Up and coming Nigerian artist/producer, Odunsi, continues making waves with his genre blending Afro fusion sound. His feel good Afro house inspired track 'Happy Hour' ft. Økuntakinte off of Time Of Our Lives EP is another example of how Odunsi has perfected his unique vibe. Along with the original there are multiple remixes, but one that stood out was Ghanaian musician RVDICAL THE KID's. He demonstrates his musical ability on the track giving it a whole new depth and spectral atmosphere. Both versions are sublime, and all are artists to be looking out for without a doubt.

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @IamRvdical

Soundcloud: RVDICAL THE KID.

RVDICAL THE KID Remix // Odunsi - Happy Hour (Feat. Økuntakinte)

Odunsi - Happy Hour (Feat. Økuntakinte)


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