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Eruza Five - First Place (prod. DaanBeats)

Eruza Five releases some unique vibes with his new single 'First Place' (prod. DaanBeats)

Eruza Five is back again with his new single 'First Place' and it sounds like he's been experimenting with a new sound. The production, by DaanBeats, sets a hazy atmosphere with it's deep bass, erie sounds, and crisp percussion; and Eruza matches the energy with a unique expression of childhood reminiscing. Overall, it's another great track from Eruza Five. His recent track 'Roof' was definitely in it's own lane and kept us interested.

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @eruzafive


Soundcloud: Eruza Five


Buy Beats:

Eruza Five - First Place (prod. DaanBeats)


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