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Robert Sims expresses his view of art in pop culture today with 'Poetry Complex'

Robert Sims makes it back to out pages with new collection 'Poetry Complex'

Visual artist Robert Sims makes it back to our pages with 'Poetry Complex', a six piece series of art that cover topics such as mental illness, ego death, and consumer culture. Robert created a mixtape themed series as an ode to his love for hip-hop and the culture that has been produced from the genre.

Robert believes this format of releasing visual art could bring a new way for musicians and visual artists to collaborate on albums and mixtapes. Robert believes the visual art of the genre will always outlive the actual music and uses Blues music and Rock and Roll as examples. He told us "The visual art brings the listener back in time by just looking at the work itself without even having to re-listen to the music. Of course, the music plays a the main role as they are genres of music but the art typically became more familiar than the music".

​Therefore, Robert is encouraging that all artist (videographers, musicians, painters, etc.) to focus on collaboration more. What he means is that we should all recognize every form of art impacts the other.

Poetry Complex will be available to view for free at today (December 1st, 2017)

Check out more of his work and follow him below!

Twitter: @youngpygeon

Instagram: youngpygeon


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