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Artist Cuadrado makes dark, uncanny graphics

Upcoming artist Cuadrado creates ominous, surreal visuals


Going by the name Cuadrado, this artists work is surreal to say the least. We stumbled across this artist through a musician's cover art and had to see more. We reached out to him and asked him to tell us a little about himself and his art.

"It's hard for me to identify a characteristic that defines even a tiny part of my personality, so I will introduce myself as a common being who hates a normal life and who enjoys making art under the mask of a rabbit. 'The comfort of living without a face'. I'm just an experiment that I'm creating on my own. My artwork is as simple as life and as painful as it is. My illustrations are usually ambiguous but with a focus on mental darkness, maladaptation and anarchy."

'Ugly Night'


'They Don't Care'

'En Una Rama'

'Music is a Killer'

Be sure to check out his art and follow him on social media below!


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