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A conversation with Lehigh Valley's Dimitry Dino

We got an inside look on one of Lehigh Valley's upcoming artists Dimitry Dino. He shared with us his journey as a person, an artist and some of his inspirations. He recently dropped single single 'ICYHOT', which you can check out here.

Q: Who are you?

A: "My name is Dimitry Dino, Diiino like a dinosaur not Deeeno. I hate when people say Deeeno haha. I’m a young kid from the suburbs of Pennsylvania influenced by music and fashion. I really love the culture of New York City. I love how everyone expresses themselves in their own way. I want to bring a certain vibe and aesthetic to people. I have no idea how to explain the vibe and aesthetic but you can figure that out from my music."

Q: What was it like growing up where you did and how did it influence you?

A: "I grew up in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, Schnecksville to be exact. Where I’m from is very quiet and open spaced. It’s cool for what it is, but for me I need more. As a kid I was always on the Internet, and always was influenced by it. The internet allowed me to access different lifestyles and trends that were happening in the moment. I was so fascinated by this. I was able to see different styles, listen to different music, talk to different people and overall just be different. As a kid my family and I would always go to New York City to visit other family. I loved going to the city because it was so different from home. I always said to my parents I want to live in the city when I’m older. When I got older and entered high school things got different. I went to a small catholic school my entire life until high school. I went to Parkland high school, graduated with 1000 kids in my class. High school shaped the person I am today. I was very social in high school and loved being the center of attention. I loved meeting new people. During high school my friends and I would venture off to other neighboring schools and go to their parties and make friends with them. After a few parties, I became the plug for all the other schools parties at my school. People didn’t know how I knew all these people, but honestly it was just me being social and wanting more out of the current situation."


Q: When did you start creating?

A: "I started making music my Sophomore year of high school. The first time I recorded a song was at my boys house, just for fun, and it turned out to be semi decent. At the time my friends and I were like, "Yooo this is dope". After that I knew I had some type of flow and ear for music. I remember I would be locked up in my room trying to write to YouTube beats haha. I would then connect to local studios around me. That’s actually why I got my first job (McDonald’s) so I could pay for studio time. I remember my dad driving me all over town taking and picking me up from studios. I would never post anything I had because I learned the hard way. I hated telling people I made music because I had nothing valid to back it up with at the time, I only had half assed songs that were no where near ready to be put out. My thing was always quality over quantity. I wanted to put out hot songs right out the gate, no mediocre shit. I’m sure you still can find a song or two online from me when I first started, how embarrassing right haha."

Q: Creative role models and influences in general?

A: "I have a lot of creative role models but the biggest has to be Kanye West, my father haha. Kanye West is just overall a creative genius and gives no fucks. When people doubt him, he still comes out on top at all times. There is no other artist like Kanye. I love his ambition and his fearless attitude. Kanye shows that he’s not right at all times and is not scared to be wrong or make a mistake. He’s truly moving. Other than that I listen to a lot of Drake and OVO artists: PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, Roy Woods, etc. I also love the XO team: The Weeknd, Belly, and especially NAV. I love the moods these artist put you in. I’m a big fan of R&B as well. I love Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign, Frank Ocean, Amir Obe, and many others. My whole thing is vibes; I love when I can catch a vibe from a song."

Q: How would your sound?

A: "My sound is a fusion of all things, ranging from hip hop to r&b to alternative. I can’t really describe my sound, but if I had to I would say really sauced up/ drugged out/ party/ vibe-y / trippy music haha. I know that’s a lot but it’s really hard to describe my music because I’m influenced by so many genres of music."

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are your plans for the future?

A: "I see myself somewhere on the west coast (LA to be exact) making music for a living and touring around the country hopefully. I hope to make it in the music industry and make it big, that’s always been the plan. I will not have it any other way. I know I’m destined to make music, I just know it. I just want to live a happy life."

Make sure to check out some of his work and follow him below!

Soundcloud: Dimitry Dino

Twitter: @aderalll

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