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Corner Stories & SOEA Gallery Presents: The Showcase

Another successful poetry night at the SOEA Gallery

Over this past weekend on Friday, October 27, 2017, local Lehigh Valley poets joined together for a phenomenal showcase at the SOEA Gallery located in Allentown, PA. We had the pleasure of seeing poets such as: Andre McDermott, Gloria Ceron, Malachi Ramirez, and Adnaan Muhammed, many

many more. All performers had their own unique style and the audience stood completely supportive.

First up to the mic was Malachi Ramirez. Going first can be nerve-racking but Malachi kept his cool; performing 2 original pieces. Both addressing the emotions of 'what use to be' and 'what could have been'. Along with the journey of letting go and moving on.

Next up was Eva speaking on how people value relationships different and the effect it has on them. Something everyone at some point can relate to. She said,

"I'd love to see this grow,

although I don't know,

If we're on the same page

or your just skimming cliff notes",

which perfectly sums of the emotion of her piece.

Following up with a lively performance was Bria Dews reciting her piece "Open Letter to My Brothers" bringing light to the overlooked struggles of the black community in a new era of racial tension. Specifically, the targeted imprisonment of young black men. Although "the system" is rigged she expresses that it is still possible to overcome the negativity.

b(in front

SOEA's very own Joseph Laughlin took the stand and blew us away with a captivating poem off his upcoming book titled 'Beautiful Butterfly'. Speaking of the beauty and vulnerability of a butterfly, his use of this metaphor was applied gracefully.

Another performance that stood out was Andre McDermott's. Prefacing with a story about his experience with a police officer, he demonstrated the understanding of us all falling victim to brainwashing. An eye opening composition to say the least.

The beauty of poetry is that it can be interpreted in many different ways. We encourage you to watch each performance (linked here) and decipher them for yourself. There were many many more amazing performers that we didn't get a chance to write on, but are well worth the watch.

Overall, it was a successful show that provided the poets a friendly environment to premier their work while making connections.

Shout out to SOEA Gallery for the wonderful experience!





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