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Monty Psychs - Ronin (EP)

Chicago artist Monty Psychs embodies the life of a 'Ronin' on recently released EP

Chicago's Monty Psychs recently released an artful EP titled 'Ronin'. "Prepare your ears for the masterful blend of several genres all channeled through hip hop to paint a vivid story." he warns, and I couldn't agree more. This EP is more than music, it's a all engaging story that takes you along a roller coaster of frequencies. Self engineered, mastered and produced, the artist asks listeners to "enjoy the raw emotion I put into this piece of work." Features from people like Hera, Matt Whise and more give this project a unique energy.

Check out the project below!

Twitter: @MontyPsychs

Soundcloud: Monty Psychs §

Monty Psychs - Ronin (EP)


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