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PA's TimmyPriceFilm isn't going anywhere.

We initially heard about TimmyPriceFilm while working with a producer in PA named Semi ProducedIt on a local web series (available soon). We got into discussing about some of the regional talent in the area and he referred him to us. Shortly after the meeting, we had to get in contact with him; which ultimately brought us here. Enjoy getting to know TimmyPriceFilm, there will be much more to come!

Q: So who are you? For the people who don't know.

A: "I am Timmypricefilm, a videographer/filmmaker, and sometimes photographer."

Q: What was it like growing up where you did and how did it influence you?

A: "I grew up skateboarding, spending a large amount of my time outside. I would always be walking outside, skating around, sometimes with a camera, just hanging around. I think just hanging out and skating at random places (like back docks of old buildings), made it easier to throw myself into different situations and work under different settings. Sometimes, I'll have a lot of control of the location of where I'm shooting a video. Other times, I'll just be shooting a video at a party or a club and people are looking at me with the camera because I stand out, but I just tune it out and get to work.

Also, my one aunt and uncle would take me on vacations with them; which lead me to getting my first few cameras and taking pictures of stuff on vacations with them. That also kind of set me up to make skateboarding videos."

Q: Creative influences in general?

A: "Music. Obviously that's kind of my niche video type. I've just become so adjusted to that, that it's really hard to think of a video without it being based around a song. Just a certain line of a song or certain sound in the production can give me a visual picture."

Q: When did you really start perusing filming?

A: " I used to make skate videos. I think I still have some on YouTube up from when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I went to a vocationial/technical high school, and took a program called Broadcasting. Which basically taught me about cameras, editing and audio. It was more so for news production, but news production is kind of dull to me. We got assigned a music video project and I ended up enjoying it and slowly realized I kind of want to make more of it. Later on, I was scrolling around and Facebook and someone I used to go to school with but moved away, (Syd) was looking for a music video, I commented and told him to hit me up. At the time I didn't have any half-decent gear, so I used my school's gear and edited it on a school computer, and even got paid for it, Taking advantage of the public school system for my own hustle basically haha.

Q: Who are some of your favorite videographers right now, if any?

A: "In terms of music videos, when I first started I was watching a lot of AZae productions videos. I think he's like the OG of this more run-and-gun style of production. Now, I look up to a lot of Cole Bennett's business style, the way he's taking over a lot of the scene right now, and JerryPHD, I love how technical his editing gets. It seems like he never misses a beat with his cuts/effects in his videos."

Q: What sets you apart from other videographers?

A: "I feel like I'm versatile, and my style is constantly changing and becoming more refined, at least in my mind it feels that way."

Q: Are you working on any projects are you working on now? What makes it different from previous projects?

A: "I'm always working on a project. Be on the lookout."

Q: Wisdom/Advice??

A: "It's corny, but do what you love."

Check out TimmyPriceFilm's latest video below!

Nobodie ft Tiarra Millz - Ahunnit Racks (Directed by @timmypricefilm)

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