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Skippa Da Flippa comes to the Lehigh Valley.

October 1, 2017

Lehigh Valley artists show Skippa how it's done


On Thursday September 28, 2017, local Lehigh Valley artists opened up for Georgia's Skippa Da Flippa at One Center Square located in Easton, PA. We had the pleasure of seeing Jay Laden, Dj Hektik, Sean Samus, Fitted Kub, YoungManPrince, Big Pa and more. The artists were on point and the atmosphere was lively  

First on was Jay Laden. Warming up the crowd is the hardest part but Jay got them moving with her set. Her smooth sound and demeanor made for the perfect opening act.


Next on was DJ Hektik with Sean Samus. As soon as Hektik started spinning the crowd started moving. And when Sean stepped on the stage the audience went wild. The performance was active, especially when his hit song 'SIX TEN' was played. Overall, their chemistry was amazing and their set was well done.


We weren't prepared for what was to happen next. When Fitted Kub and his crew, consisting of Surve, Mitri500, DameKub and eventaully Ana Bree took the stage, they shut it down.  I've never seen such energy come from four people. They fed off each other's energy as well as the crowds and we fed off theirs. It was insane. Fitted Kub's classic 'Ahhuuuuu' sums up the energy of their whole set. Their performance was proof they're definitely not a crew to sleep on.


Kub's act was tough to follow but ALFA's YoungManPrince and Crhyme Boss ,managed to keep the momentum going and the crowd bumping. Definitely more of a groovy set, their energy was engaging and fun. The ALFA's have been performing like crazy lately, check out the other event we covered on them HERE.


Following them was Big PA, who really did his thing on the mic. He had a more mature energy, but still kept our attention.  You can check him out HERE.

Finally, who we were all waiting for, Skippa Da Flippa, came out.  It was like a completely different show.  Bringing on his crew he got the crowd jumping and everyone vibing.


Overall, it was a fantastic show that proved the Lehigh Valley is full of talented young individuals who just need to be heard. I'm excited to keep up with these artists and contiue to watch them grow.


Shout out to One Centre Square for the amazing venue and unique atmosphere!






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                         Ana Bree


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Check out some pictures below!





<-- Ana Bree












































                    Swurve & Fitted Kub  -->






















<-- Crhyme Boss



























                                      Fitted Kub -->
















<-- @CallMeRellz





















                              YoungManPrince -->















































<--@FirstClass Waves






























Dj Hektik & Sean Samus -->


































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