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Ekoli - cops.hittas.crackers.niggas

Chicago artist Ekoli drops profound joint 'cops.hittas.crackers.niggas'

'cops.hittas.crackers.niggas' an undeniably groovy track from Chicago artist Eloki infuses jazz, soul and electronic music with poetry to achieve a distinct sound. Eloki posted a description with the song "I feel like people don't actively participate in the evolution of their communities. Today mogs just repost videos and articles and don't actually organize. All of my emotions about these multiple topics that I've tried to condense into a disastrous paragraph are elaborated in the song. This song, although how groovy it sounds, it filled with a passionate dislike of the people who have contributed to harming our communities and future."

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @Ekoliii

Soundcloud: Eloki

Eloki - cops.hittas.crackers.niggas


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