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DaanBeats | Music Producer, Engineer, Photographer, Videographer

      Ramadaan Shabazz (DaanBeats) [CEO] was born on March 11, 1995 in Newark, New Jersey. In 2001 he then moved to Easton, PA. Where he began school in the 1st Grade. In middle school is where he found his close friends, who are part of entourage. Although, it wasn't until 10th he began to make music. At age of 16 is where he truly decided this is what he wanted to do. He then taught himself how to produce beats and engineer. At this moment, DaanBeats attends the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Where he met more his fellow partners who are part of his enterouge. 


        As a child Ramadaan’s Mom, Rhonda Shabazz, often listened to artists such as Musiq Soulchild, Lauryn Hill, Donnell Jones, Faith Evans, Tank, and many other artist such as those.


          At nineteen years old, his biggest influences, which further developed his love for music are artists like Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, 40, Lex Luger, The Weeknd, Drake, T.D.E, Dpat and many others which inspire the melting pot of sounds that created DaanBeats today.

Neemz | Graphic Artist & Designer

         Nimar Nurse ( born April 23rd, 1995), known as Neemz, is a young Artist from Boston, Massachusetts. Although, he spent the majority of his life in a suburban area of Bucks County, Pa before moving to the city of Philadelphia for college. Neemz is a Graphic Design major at The Art Institute of Philadelphia where he plans on furthering his education and achieving his dreams of becoming a very successful Artist and Graphic Designer. 


        From a child Neemz was a visionary/dreamer. His artistic talent was encouraged by his older brother, whom also was an artist. At the time he was introduced to new ways of drawing which opened up his mind even more. Neemz mainly taught himself how to draw, but his older brother has helped to refine his skills and was the main guidence besides art classes. His brother also got him into Graffiti Art. He never did it illegally, but it was definitely a gateway for a huge increase in creativity. Throughout the years due to many hours of practice he has become a more profound artist.


       According to Neemz, he does not have a set style that he goes by. What ever comes to mind, he draws. Due to his love of street art and graffiti, Neemz has a variety of artists he is inspired by such as Shepard Fairey (Obey), Mad Society Kings graffiti crew, Banksy, Nosego, and many more. His future seems to be pretty bright due to the fact that he is working on many projects and is apart of a team that has huge plans for themselves. He is also the owner of MNDLess World, a design based brand in which he has big plans for in the near future.

Johnny Wattz | Music Producer & Engineer

        Starting off in a small town from Pennsylvania, Johnny Wattz doesn't let much get in his way. Coming from the suburbs Johnny has a mind to change the world. After high school he moved to Philly to study the arts. It wasn't until then when everything came into play for this young entrepreneur.   


 While attending the art institute for audio production, Johnny befriended many of his fellow colleagues he works with till this day. Together they created the life style brand known as Supreme Legends. Mean while creating the vision of the future, this driven kid has been perfecting his craft taking listeners by storm.     


Johnny Wattz and his music are one of a kind. With roots in hip hop electronic and alternative rock, there is just about something for everyone in his arsenal of music. Johnny does not plan nor want to make your everyday music, yet create new ways of listening and new formats where music can be used.

ZZo | Rapper, Engineer, Artist

         Kadel Woody was born and raised in Easton PA. At age 12 he taught himself how to play a number of different instruments only taking lessons for piano. Kadel wrote his first song in a hospital bed in 2010 after getting hit by a car which ultimately ended his wrestling career and set him on a path he didn't even know he was on yet. As a child Kadel's father, Rob Woody, often listened to artists such as Musiq Soulchild, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and many other artist such as those.


      At eighteen years old his biggest influences, which further developed his love for music are artists like Jimi Hendrix, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass and Rich Hill which inspire the melting pot of sounds that created Zzo today.


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